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By outsourcing, you have the reliability of your work being completed timely. You no longer need to worry about finding the right person to do your accounting or what to do if they quit.

You will also have no worries if an employee quits, is terminated, or goes on a maternity leave.

We often receive financial statements prepared by in house bookkeepers or accountants and they have not entered the payroll correctly which results in incorrect financial statements. Additionally, often items that go on the Balance Sheet i.e., automobile, are put on the Profit and Loss. Consequently, the client thinks that have a bottom line of x and the truth is they have much higher income due to improper entering of items in the accounting records.

Outsourcing results in reduced year-end fees because everything is entered timely and correctly. The cost savings for health insurance, payroll taxes, 401k contributions and/or pension contributions are tremendous.

The benefits of "outsourcing" your accounting/bookkeeping/payroll is tremendous. The operating costs are reduced significantly.


  • Salaries reduced
  • Payroll taxes reduced
  • Health Insurance reduced
  • 401K reduced
  • Pension Plan/Profit Sharing reduced
  • Annual accounting/tax fees reduced

What Is The Difference Between A Certified Public (CPA) And An Accountant?

Your doctor is certified. Your lawyer is certified. Shouldn't your CPA be certified?

Most people use the terms "Accountant" and "CPA" interchangeably. There are MAJOR, MAJOR differences:

While all CPAs are accountants, not all accountants are CPAs. The CPA credential carries enormous weight in business and financial expertise. CPAs are considered some of the business world's most trusted advisors.

This trust is not surprising considering the strict requirements to be a member of the profession. Achieving the CPA status takes intelligence, ethics, and total commitment to the profession.

The rigorous process to become a CPA is referred to as the three E's:

  • Education: a minimum of 150 hours of college education (equivalent of 5 years)
  • Examination: the Uniform CPA Exam, one of the most challenging exams of the profession must be completed within one year of each other
  • Ethics: taught in accounting courses and a component of one of the most difficult exams.

In addition, every year a CPA must complete 40 hours of continuing education to keep up with the new rules and regulations in the financial and business world.


What Is The Difference Between A "Quality Review Firm" and A "Non-Quality Review Firm"?

The accounting profession passed rigid rules several years ago requiring CPAs wishing to maintain their membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants "AICPA" to undergo a quality review of their accounting records for their clients every three years. This forced accountants to keep current on the ever changing regulations in the accounting profession and also required additional costs to undergo a quality review examination by a totally independent quality review accounting firm as well as additional fees to the AICPA to be a quality review firm. The result of this examination would result in the firm being in compliance or forcing the firm to take steps to be in compliance or drop their membership in the AICPA.

As a result of this new restriction, many, many firms dropped their membership in AICPA. The general public is not familiar with the rules of maintaining membership in the AICPA or rules for joining the AICPA.

Those firms often have lower accounting fees because they don't have anyone reviewing their work and often take "short-cuts" that quality review firms cannot do.

Our firm is proud to have passed quality review with no exceptions and we have continued to maintain our membership and consider it an honor to have membership in this organization.

Other services include:

  • Business Accounting / Bookkeeping / Financial Statements
  • Certified Audits
  • Certified Advisor / QuickBooks
  • Litigation / Legal Support / Fraud Investigations
  • Business/Individual / Trust / Estate Taxes
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We offer Chicagoland/Northshore Accounting Services/Certified Audits services for clients in Chicago, Northbrook, Bannockburn, Deerfield, Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire, Lincolnwood, North Shore, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Wilmette, Winnetka, and the surrounding Chicagoland communities.

Success Stories

Over the twenty or so years that I have known Shari, she and her Company has continually demonstrated a very strong blend of knowledge, professionalism and integrity. There has always been a strong personal touch and genuine caring that has long been missed in business. John O'Dwyer - President
JSO Valuation Group, Limited - Evanston, Illinois
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Shari has always had a very strong grasp of accounting and planning and is adept at negotiations, where necessary. Shari Taylor, trustworthy, competent, capable, skillful and timely. This is an accounting firm that I highly recommend. John O'Dwyer - President
JSO Valuation Group, Limited - Evanston, Illinois
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Shari Taylor and Co, Chartered has been instrumental in reducing operating costs using "on-line" accounting. Additionally, Shari Taylor and Co., Chartered has developed systems for timely filing of all tax filings resulting in reduced costs. Robert M. Goldman, PhD - Chairman of the Board
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
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The most important contribution to our businesses is the total dedication to assist in the accomplishment of the sale of one of our businesses in a 60 day time frame. Robert M. Goldman, PhD - Chairman of the Board
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
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We rely on Shari Taylor and Co., Chrtd. to oversee our National and International investments. Additionally, the international expertise of Shari Taylor and Co., Chrtd. has been instrumental in developing and maintaining our relationships with our Financial Institutions both nationally and internationally. Ronald M. Klatz, DO - Vice President
Medical Development Management, Inc.
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The "Big 3" firm experience has been a key component to the attitude of not accepting "No, we cannot do that" but rather "Let's find a proper solution" which has resulted in tremendous tax savings to us. We additionally enjoy the ability of Shari Taylor and Co, Chrtd. to develop relationships across the world and nationally for our businesses. Ronald M. Klatz, DO - Vice President
Medical Development Management, Inc.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Shari (Shari Taylor & Co) for over 30 years. Shari's breadth of knowledge, positive attitude and proactive working style has been invaluable for both my business and personal financial and tax needs. The trust and confidence I have in Shari to practice her profession while I focus on mine is clearly the reason we have relied on her expertise these many years. Bob Gailen - President
Paragon Design International, Inc.
We were introduced to Shari Taylor through my parents who were one of her first clients when Shari started her business and we have carried on that tradition. Shari researches tax issues thoroughly and she has provided us with valuable insights and sound recommendations from day one. We are pleased to have her as part of our financial team! Bob & Karen
Shari Taylor and Company Chartered have provided on-line accounting, audit and consulting services to a number of my companies over the past decade. For scalable, cost-effective accounting and audit services, no company need look further. Gary Kemp - Entrepreneur
I have found Shari's dedication and service to her clients to be unparalleled. She has consistently provided me and my clients with sound and timely accounting advice. Shari has a proactive approach which I believe many potential clients will find helpful in their respective financial planning endeavors. Wesley J. Paul, Partner, Michelman & Robinson, LLP